• ” Welcome to Hawkins Psychiatry PLLC, where our goal is to help you achieve optimal mental, physical and biological balance utilizing the latest research, technology and pharmacogenetics.”

  • “We are Dedicated to addressing your personal wellness needs through integrating complementary medicine with proper diet, nutrition and lifestyle modifications”

  • “We Exercise a practical and open-minded approach to achieving mental wellness and improving overall quality of life.”

Meet Dr. Hawkins

Dr. Germaine B Hawkins , D.O. is an Adult Psychiatrist and Clinical Research Principal Investigator located in Arlington, TX.   In addition to medication management, Dr. Hawkins  offers  TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) for patients suffering from treatment resistant depression and through Bloom Trials enrolls individuals suffering from neuropsychiatric illnesses including dementia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety disorders, autism, schizophrenia  and addiction disorders in clinical research trials. Dr. Germaine Hawkins has over 15 years experience treating adults and adolescents (ages 15 and over)

Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Germaine Hawkins  promotes proper diet, nutrition and preventive measures in achieving total wellness.
He encourages amino acids, B vitamins, herbal and nutritional supplementation to complement conventional medication. His passion led him to develop signature proprietary formulations, Advyndra®,  metabolic brain optimization supplement and Serinytex®, all natural sleep support .

Our Philosophy

Dr Germaine Hawkins exercises a practical and open-minded approach to achieving your mental wellness.
He is respected, as supported by patient testimonials, as a compassionate psychiatrist who values your personal opinions regarding your treatment and considers them during his professional decision-making.Dr. Hawkins also incorporates weight management. Please visit our Wellness page for more details.


“From the first session with Dr. Hawkins I knew he was the doctor for me. He was caring, understanding and willing to listen to my medical concerns. It was then I saw he was not just about prescribing medication like some psychiatrists but was genuinely concerned about my well being. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a psychiatrist!”

Dallas, Texas

“Dr. Hawkins was great with my teenager. Never thought my son would do so well. We tried so many doctors and different medication cocktails before. My husband and I were getting so frustrated. Then we met Dr. Hawkins. He  worked wonders in just a couple visits!”

Grand Prairie, Texas

“Just a doc who really cares about his patients and if they actually get better! By far the best care I’ve had in years. And all the people I referred loved him too!”

Arlington, Texas

“Dr. Hawkins is a great physician. He is so polite. Always greets with a smile and is very easy to talk too. Definitely not the image I had of a psychiatrist. He gave me hope and a new start after losing my mom to cancer.”

Mansfield, Texas

“Growing up I saw my cousin deal with manic depression and never forget all the medications she had to take. I said, ‘Never me’. At 25, I was diagnosed and after three hospitalizations I had to get a steady psychiatrist. Dr Hawkins gave me his word he would use just enough medications to keep me stable. He’s a man of his word.”

Hurst, Texas

“I come from a very religious family and my for years my dad was not trying to hear any talk of  seeing a psychiatrist.  But we had to do something after I couldn’t hold a job and kept losing weight. And after a few MDs we got even more discouraged. No doctor spent the time like him (Dr Germaine B Hawkins) to really understand and treat my depression. Now I am engaged and in line for promotion!”

Waxahachie, Texas

“I like how he does psychiatry and weight loss. He was the perfect doctor for me because my weight was a huge part of my depression. I didn’t want to leave my bed unless I was going to the fridge. It wasn’t easy,but with his help and weight loss products I lost my depression and 25 pounds.”

Coppell, Texas

“I must admit that initially his youth made me a bit nervous. All my psychiatrists before were strern grandfather-like older guys. But it didn’t take long too apppreciate how very competent, professional, and thorough Dr Hawkins was. I really liked how he wasn’t hesitant to try newer medications on the market.”

Grapevine, Texas