Physical and Mental Wellness Tips

[blockquote]Untreated psychiatric disorders including clinical depression and anxiety can directly effect dietary choices and habits. [/blockquote]

Dr Germaine Hawkins understands that how we feel emotionally is often closely dependent on self-esteem and how we look to ourselves and others.  For this reason, Dr. Hawkins incorporates a more holistic approach into treating his patients.  Proper diet, restful sleep, exercise, and weight loss options are key ingredients in creating an ideal treatment plan for you.  Stress in today’s society is on the rise to say the least and “stress eating” is a commonly used remedy.  Choosing foods high in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sugar.  Stress combined with poor diet and exercise and failure to practice preventive measures to decrease potential cardiovascular disease can not only jeopardize your quality of life but shorten precious years spent with family and friends.

  • 64% of the general population is overweight 
  • 30 lbs over your ideal weight is considered obese 
  • Obesity is a completely treatable disease 

Some of the products Dr. Hawkins uses to augment your treatment to achieve optimal mental and total wellness are listed below.  Dr. Hawkins encourages healthy diet and exercise as approved by your primary care physician.  Following recommendations closely you can expect healthy weight loss of 1-1 1/2 pounds a week or increased muscle mass and tone for a leaner you.

  • Rasberry Ketones
  • Coffee Bean Extract
  • Vitamin B1/B6/B12 injections
  • Gymnema
  • Adipex-P
  • Levothyroxine

Dietary Recommedations:

Simple ” The Best Diet is the One You are Faithful To”.  You have to be realistic about the type of diet for you.  If you are a diet person I encourage you to do your own research and find which one best suits you.  I also want to offer a different and even simpler approach.

What is the commom theme to all diets, from DASH to South Beach to Atkins – the common theme is control.

So instead of having to follow such cumbersome overly-detailed diets with even more confusing charts, why not just exercise basic control of your portion size and caloric intake?  Start off with fruits, grains, daily products and lean meats.  Decide which ones you like and those you can do without during your diet.

Dieting Tips:

  • Avoid fruits and starchs before bed. 
  • Substitue artificial sweetners. 
  • No sodas or soft drinks (water with or without crystal light powder packet)
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Kick start your metaolism. Grab a piece of fruit or grain. You have all day to burn it off
  • Eat a 100 cal or less snack 90 minutes before lunch and dinner
  • Keep bottled water around. Seriously work towards drinking 8 glasses daily
  • Avoid monotony in your low cal snacks. This is the quickest way to burn out . Keep it new. Just remember to keep your between snacks to 100 cal or less. Don’t torture yourself!

When dining out :

  • Split entrees or even  order an appetizer as your entree. Most restaurants offer portion sizes for two or three people.
  • Ask your waiter to not bring bread while waiting on your meal. Save those calories!
  • Many restaurants have low calorie meals. Select from these alternatively. You will find that they aren’t so bad after all.
  • Try and eat your dinner to completion by 8 o’clock. Which meals making reservations by 630 or 7.
  • When eating pasta choose tomato sauces instead of heavy cream or white sauces.
  • If you order desert, consider a  sorbet instead of cakes, pudding or pies.

BMI Chart – Check your BMI and schedule an appointment today. Be sure to let office staff know the purpose of your visit: Mental Health OnlyWeight Management / Wellness Only, or Combined.