Depression: Complementary Approaches Can Significantly Increase Patient Compliance and Satisfaction

Annually the cost of depression due to lost work productivity in the United States alone is estimated to be $80 billion dollars, affecting women more than men. The figure is likely an underestimate seeing that 50 % of Americans with major depression choose not to seek treatment. Thus their reasons for missing work may fall under miscellaneous or unknown. Many Americans fail to seek professional services due to the stigma of mental health, religious beliefs,  concern over dependence on prescription medications, and feeling emotionally numb or other undesired side effects.

According to the CDC,  in 2011 the number of annual prescriptions on antidepressants rose 400% from 1988, with more than 1 in  10 Americans over age 12 taking an antidepressant. Often times, due to the lack of mental health professionals and psychiatrists to see to the suffering, the primary care physician is often the prescriber. In fact, 62% of all antidepressant prescriptions are written by general practitioners, ob-gyns,  and pediatricians. Unfortunately, these specialties often times aren’t as equipped to accurately diagnose and discuss treatment options the way a psychiatrist would.

This further underlines the importance of offering more healthy complementary options to patients suffering from depression that can be safely and effectively started by other general practitioners in the community health and private practice settings. A combination of exercise, proper diet, and nutritional guidance including education on the availability of supplements like Advyndra can be life changing. It can also be very self-empowering to many suffering from depression or any other psychiatric disorders related to neurotransmitter imbalances. Furthermore, many psychiatrists are limited in time spent with patients. For this fact, patient education regarding importance of proper diet and  nutrition along with public awareness of comprehensive complementary and integrative options is paramount.  This will aid individuals battling depression to seek out those providers offering these options. The benefits of antidepressants will continue to be appreciated for many years to come. However , with the production of a new “me-too” drug (with the promise of causing less side effects without compromising efficacy) seemingly every 2 years further underscores the need for other integrative approaches. The time is now, beginning with Advyndra to offer complimentary and integrative options for depression to increase compliance,  encourage healthy living and instill the “power of choice” coupled with confidence globally in those seeking much needed help battling debilitating depression, PTSD and other related psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Germaine B. Hawkins, D.O.

Founder of Proprietary Formulation, Advyndra®

Specifically designed to support optimal brain functioning”

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